Our attorneys have decades of experience protecting intellectual assets.  We leverage this experience to assist our clients in obtaining and maintaining a strategic advantage over their competitors.

Our attorneys are skilled at obtaining quality patents with broad claims that provide competitive value for our clients. Our founding attorneys each have over 18 years of experience obtaining patents for numerous large and small technology companies. We appreciate that patents are business assets that hold strategic value for our clients and we strive to create patents that have a long term strategic advantage designed to achieve our clients’ business goals.

We also understand that while clients often need the services of in-house counsel, a particular client’s need varies according to their circumstances.  The services of a full-time in-house attorney may not be the best way to serve this need.  For example, a client may have a limited need or budget for patent counsel, may require a replacement during periods when their own counsel are on leave or during times of transition between counsel.

To address this demand, we offer experienced patent counsel with deep patent prosecution, litigation, and technical expertise to provide in-house counseling services on-demand as an as-needed service on an hourly basis.  Our patent consulting services include managing patent portfolios, harvesting invention disclosures, attending technical meetings to assess product developments and to identify key innovations, evaluating and determining which inventions to file for patent protection, establishing and maintaining a patent program, reviewing maintenance fees of issued patents, and managing and reviewing the work product of outside counsel. This strategy has proven to work astonishingly well for our clients by fully addressing their needs at a much lower cost than hiring a full-time in-house attorney.