Patent Prosecution

We prepare, file, and prosecute patent applications to help clients obtain patent protection for their inventions both in the United States and abroad.

Strategic Counseling

We assess technologies, industries, and patent landscapes to provide strategic counseling that enables our clients to make better decisions and improve their competitive posture.

Prior Art Searching 

We perform prior art searches for inventions to inform strategic decisions prior to filing for patent protection, for pending patent applications, and for granted patents.

Pre-Litigation and Litigation Support

We provide support and analysis at various stages of the patent litigation process, including: assessing prior art, patentability, invalidity, and infringement or non-infringement positions; preparing inventors, experts, and technical witnesses to testify in depositions or in trial; and assisting in trial preparations and expert reports.

Freedom To Operate Analysis

We perform freedom to operate searches for new product launches in the US and globally.

Due Diligence

We provide due diligence support and analysis including assessing patents with respect to an identified technology and evaluating patents in terms of validity, infringement, design-around options, and scope to help our clients determine the value of a particular patent or portfolio.

IP Consulting and In-House Services

We provide intellectual property (IP) consulting services for businesses, effectively serving as flexible, on-demand, in-house patent counsel. We offer flexible, senior level, in-house patent expertise efficiently and effectively on an hourly basis to match a client’s specific needs at a fraction of the investment and cost of hiring a full-time in-house IP attorney.